BERMUDA genealogical branches from Dorsetshire, England (dad) & London, England (mum)
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 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Admin: Installed Languages Displays all languages installed on this TNG site 
2. Admin: Places having no zoom or place level  
3. Admin: Places without coordinates  
4. Families: Couples with same last names  
5. Families: Twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets...  Grouped by twins, then triplets, then quadruplets, then quintuplets, then sextuplets, etc. 
6. Individuals: Married at age 17 and younger Sorted (grouped) by ages 17 and younger.
Keep in mind that marrying young was very normal centuries ago.
7. Individuals: Married at age 80 and older Sorted (grouped) by ages 80 and older. 
8. Individuals: Missing father or missing mother  
9. Individuals: Unknown sex  
10. Individuals: Without any dates  
11. Individuals: Without date of birth/baptism/death/burial  
12. Individuals: Without places  
13. Places: All occurring places, including place levels  
14. Problem: Children born after 9 months after their father's death  
15. Problem: Children born after baptized  
16. Problem: Children born after the death of their mother  
17. Problem: Children born before their mother  
18. Problem: Individuals born after they died  
19. Problem: Individuals buried before death  
20. Problem: Individuals with marriage date *after* death date  
21. Problem: Individuals with marriage date *before* birthdate